Deploying HTTPS Web Security Without Losing Search Engine Rankings: A Guide

With cases of theft of personal employee or customer information being not uncommon online, many buyers today want to visit websites that guarantee their safety as well as privacy. Google took its cue from that and it has said that it’s going to start using secure encryption as a ranking signal for websites. As a result, websites that don’t use HTTPS encryption will most certainly lose their search engine results page ranking.  But what are some of the best practices and tips for use of Ardor Secure HTTPS to avoid losing search engine ranking?

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If you haven’t migrated yet, the first step toward aligning your e-Commerce site with the Google’s latest ranking policy is to move to HTTPS encryption. This will not only put your website in good books with Google, but will also ensure that your site is one of the safest, meaning that it may be less prone to cyber attacks compared with online sites without this level of encryption. As you upgrade with Ardor Secure HTTPS solutions, these tips will ensure you don’t risk losing web visibility:


Google has cautioned against upgrading to the wrong HTTPS version of a website. So, start by verifying using Webmaster tools and confirm the correct URL to which you’re updating. If your website address is in the form of, upgrade to exactly that. If the site is a non www, such as, again, upgrade to exactly that.

Server-Side Redirects

It’s vital that users as well as search engines are able to find your verified HTTPS web pages and this is where server-side redirects come in. The 301 HTTP redirect should be deployed on the current non-HTTPS website so that it can direct visitors and crawlers to the preferred HTTPS site. This requires a bit of organization so that you can collect data on all pages where 301 redirects will be executed.

Security Certificates

As part of the implementation of HTTPS with Ardor Secure, make sure you’ve acquired an authentic security certificate. You may want to ask your provider, such as Ardor Secure, if they’re willing to help obtain this certificate. Usually, a certificate authority issues an authentic certificate, guaranteeing that your web address belongs to you.

Make sure the certificate you obtain is up-to-date and it offers the desired level of security. Some of the most secure websites rely on a security certificate with a 2048-bit key.

Don’t Block Search Engine Spiders

It’s not like you’re trying to hide from Google, so let the spiders come crawling. Specifically, don’t employ the robots.txt that may prevent crawlers from finding your web pages. Also, do not use the Noindex tag that may make it difficult for search engines to index the pages of your website.

It’s possible to secure your site with Ardor Secure and ensure continued search engine visibility.  Ardor Secure with HTTPS encryption may not be a matter of life or death today, but once secure websites start outperforming the non-secure competitors, it’ll be. Besides providing increased search results page rankings, HTTPS encryption prevents middle-men intrusion as customers and other stakeholders transact business via your website.

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