Nursing Homes: Myths vs Facts

Nursing homes are the number one option for families that would like to ensure professional care for their senior loved ones. This type of facility provides care to your loved ones and family members with optimum supervision and medical care. This is the best alternative if you have no time to care for your senior family members at home, or if you wish to give professional supervision. Despite of that, there are several myths surrounding hospire care that make families think twice about entering their loved ones into this type of facility.
To erase all of your doubts and make your mind at peace, here are some of the common myths and facts associated with nursing homes:
Nursing Facilities are Similar to Hospitals
Right off the bat, this is the biggest misconception about nursing homes. This is also the main reason why familes prefer to hire home nursing services instead. However, it could not be any closer to the truth. A nursing home facility for seniors is not like hospitals at all. It aims to simulate the kind of environment you have at home only that there are medical professionals and trained staff on-hand ready to provide for your loved ones’ needs. In fact, nursing facilities for aged individuals are designed to promote a healthy and safe haven for them wherein they can also mingle with other seniors in the facility. Do not expect them to be lying in bed all day with medical professionals coming in to feed them or administer their medicines.
Nursing Facilities Are for the Dying Patients
This is another myth that is far removed from the truth. This facility is not designed for the terminally ill patients. Instead, the facility is much like with home nursing care wherein a trained medical professional is on hand to provide continuous health and medical care to support their health and overall medical condition. Families who opt to enroll their loved ones into this type of facility do so to ensure continuous monitoring for their loved ones to prevent critical conditions and other complications.
Nursing Facilities Use Restraints
The law prohibits nursing and senior facilities from using any kind of restraints (chemical or physical) towards the residents. However, in certain cases aimed to protect the patient and other residents, it is employed. All restraints used are with the knowledge of the patient’s family members to ensure their own safety and that of others. These restraints are not designed to cause harm on the patient involved.
Nursing Facilities Lack the Privacy
This is another serious concern for family members of senior individuals. Most family members think that privacy is highly sacrificed by their loved ones once they enter into this type of facility. However, they are assigned their own rooms and space wherein they can relax and unwind when they want to. There are also areas designed for socializing with other seniors in the facility. Privacy is therefore available for those who need it.
If you have been thinking about the possibility of enrolling your senior loved one into a nursing home, it pays to ask a lot of questions so you know what to expect. As long as you’ve done your homework in choosing which facility to put them into, you can rest assured that they’ll be under the care of good hands. For more details please visit this site
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